Our Story

The word ‘nanban’ literally means ‘friend’ in the classic Indian language Tamil. True to its meaning, Nanban was established with the sole vision of helping the community at large attain financial freedom and supporting the underprivileged through socially-relevant initiatives. Today, Nanban is a market disruptor in providing superior returns to its investors and a pioneer in teaching top-class financial knowledge absolutely free of cost.

Now a company that manages millions of dollars in investments, Nanban had a surprisingly humble beginning. It all started in the year 2001 when visionary founder and CEO—Mr. Gopala Krishnan, fondly known as GK to his friends—was overwhelmed by the plight of retail investors during the dot-com bust. After extensive research, he formulated a simple success formula called GK Strategies™ that makes it possible to consistently generate cash in all market conditions.

His strategy enables even newbie investors to reap the rewards of derivative trading by mechanically following the steps in a disciplined manner, while removing the stress that is normally associated with trading. Once convinced of its potential, GK started sharing this knowledge with his friends. As the strategies’ popularity grew through word of mouth, he found himself conducting free formal training sessions twice a year in addition to his successful IT career as a C-level executive in a Fortune 500 company.

In 2018, GK moved to Dallas, where he met Mani and Sakthi—Nanban’s two other founders. Both were successful IT professionals with extensive experience in banking and automation respectively. With a shared passion for social service, the ‘Trio’ became very close family friends in no time. Once GK gave them an outline of GK Strategy and its virtues, both were immediately able to identify the vast scope it offered to generate funds that could be gainfully deployed in their life’s passion: service and popularizing organic farming. They both attended subsequent training sessions and started practicing GK Strategies™ using their own trading accounts. Pleasantly surprised at the consistent cash flow, they encouraged their friends and family members to attend GK’s knowledge sharing sessions.

During one of the training sessions, Sakthi could sense the frustration of a senior citizen who was never exposed to the stock market, in assimilating the concepts of derivative trading. This was the inspiration for Sakthi to discuss with Mani the idea of automation of the mechanical steps that comprise GK Strategy.

Both pair programmers, Mani and Sakthi started investing all their free time and weekends into the automation project, even spending thousands of dollars in acquiring past data from CBoE for back testing and related work. Little did they know that this noble intention would pave the way for the launch of Nanban. Encouraged by the preliminary outcome, the Trio launched Nanban Investments in February of 2020. The purpose of this company was to pool their resources and create wealth using the advanced GK strategies, so that a huge portion could be diverted to the activities they were passionate about—namely, teaching Level I and Level II GK Strategies™ for free and implementing other service initiatives. Soon Nanban Foundation was established to carry out this mission, as suggested by well-wishers. Due to constraints brought about by COVID-19 pandemic, GK Strategy Sessions are conducted online by a dedicated team of volunteers. During 2020, the Foundation had trained around 15,000 Nanbans from all walks of life.

In March 2020, the markets tumbled. With volatility remaining high, followers of GK Strategies™ could experience first-hand and appreciate the true power of the strategy: consistent cash flow. Nanban Foundation also started conducting Weekly Market Insights by GK and other like-minded eminent personalities to familiarize the strategy followers with the nuances of personal finance.

With the strategy growing popular, Nanbans who were otherwise busy and preoccupied with professional and life commitments requested the Trio to manage their funds on their behalf. In consideration of the various legal compliance formalities that come with such an initiative, the founders were not favorably inclined to do so. However, they were overwhelmed when a single working mom with two young children made a similar request for help. It was difficult for the founders to refuse her on such a plea. After consulting countless lawyers, they launched a hedge fund that complied with all the statutory requirements in June 2020. One fund led to another, and by end of Jan. 2021, Nanban Investments was managing AUM of millions of dollars, spread across four such funds.

Right after the inception of Nanban Investments, many Nanbans who also believed in giving back to society without expecting anything in return started voluntarily helping the Trio in their endeavors. In fact, Sakthi and Mani’s prototype automation project was modified, upgraded, and launched as “GKBOT” by a core group from this volunteer pool. The work culture at Nanban, now referred as ‘Nanbanism,’ is a testimony to our volunteers’ selfless, motivated team work.

Additionally, Sakthi’s passion for popularizing organic farming blossomed into a new initiative: Mothers for Mother Nature, a project designed to help farmers, the backbone of society, in association with Nammalvar’s Vanagam, India.

There were times when fellow Nanbans came up with different business opportunities to team up with Nanban’s core business and become game changers in their respective fields. Thus, “Nanban Realty” came into existence in Feb. 2021, and “Nanban Ventures” is in the offing.

Nanban Foundation, in association with TekForce India, has touched the lives of many underprivileged Nanbans through sponsoring thousands of free daily meals during COVID-19 pandemic, women empowerment, environmentally friendly initiatives, such as providing solar power to unelectrified tribal communities, etc.

Nanban is committed to continuously evolving to serve all Nanbans—rich and poor, known and unknown—and is determined to make financial freedom a reality for everyone.

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Our Mission

Powered by GK Strategies™, we are a grassroots movement determined to help friends, family, and communities (aka “Nanbans”) achieve financial literacy and learn methods to generate cash flow in any market condition.


Our Vision

Our Non-profit organization’s mission is to bring GK Strategies to every household, so that each one’s hard-earned money works and grows for them. GK has formulated simplified steps to success that anyone can learn and implement on their own.

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Our Value

Our core value is knowledge sharing. We have a vast and dedicated network of volunteers, who share our goal of growing as friends and a community by empowering others to achieve financial freedom.


Our Belief

At Nanban Foundation, we believe there is truth in the well-known proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” As such, we have prioritized service and made it our mission to reach out to those in need.