At Nanban Foundation, we believe in the inherent dignity of all individuals and their entitlement to food, health, employment, and education. We envision a world without hunger, where every person has access to quality education and lives in harmony with nature. Here are just some of the ways we are working to make that vision a reality:

Zero Hunger

  • “Arutkanji Project” by Nanban Foundation, in collaboration with Vallalar Sangams, Sai, and Christian charities, has provided over 10 million meals across five Indian states within 36 months.
  • The “Meals for Minds” program by Nanban Foundation, USA, and LVAF, has supplied over 265,000 meals to alleviate hunger amid Sri Lanka’s economic crisis.
  • Nanban Foundation pledged to donate one million meals over five years to the North Texas Food Bank.
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Mothers for Mother Nature

  • Nanban Foundation, partnering with Vanagam, has provided training and financial support to farmers in India, the US and Peru that are transitioning to natural farming methods.
  • Nanban Foundation in collaboration with Nimal Raghavan have rejuvenated over 20 Indian lakes, benefiting 87,000 people across 115 villages.

Empowering Communities

  • Nanban Foundation’s vocational courses have empowered about 1,000 rural and disadvantaged women, including widows and those with physical challenges, in Tamil Nadu.
  • The “Nanban Under The Sky” program by Nanban Foundation has distributed over 200 care packages to the Dallas homeless through a partnership with a local ministry.
  • Nanban Foundation has improved living conditions in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu by installing 16 solar streetlamps and refurbishing over six rural huts for the elderly and single parents.
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Nanban Cares

  • Nanban Foundation provided essential nutrients to pregnant teen tribal girls, children, and elders to prevent birth anomalies and loss of life. This initiative has already benefited over 200 tribal mothers.
  • To support the fight against COVID-19 in India, Nanban Foundation provided meals to COVID patients, distributed over 250,000 doses of the herbal immunity drink, Kabasura Kudineer, donated over 70 oxygen concentrators to hospitals in India, supplied 10,000 masks to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, and furnished hospitals with various medical equipment.
  • The Special Needs Physical Therapy program helps individuals with autism and cerebral palsy. It also offers long-term healthcare to strengthen skeletal muscles and neural synapses wiring. This program has benefited approximately 40 boys and 35 girls in Tamil Nadu, India.

Nanban Education

  • Nanban Foundation operates 27 tuition centers in Tamil Nadu, India that provide educational support and financial aid to low-income and underprivileged children.
  • Nanban Foundation supports the construction of smart schools in low-income and tribal regions of India, providing much-needed funding for schools. We also support higher education for high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds. These initiatives have benefited over 500 children, to date.
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