Meals for Minds – Sri Lanka Arutkanchi Project

Meals for Minds is a project launched by Nanban Foundation, USA, and Lanka Vision Action Foundation (LVAF) on 19th June 2022 to end hunger in Sri Lanka, severely impacted by the recent economic crisis.

Having balanced and healthy food for daily meals has always been a dream that never was true. Working in the plantation fields for 12 hours straight in sunburn without proper breakfast and walking for miles to school without healthy and balanced meals paid a significant amount of human productivity loss and malnutrition-related health conditions. The struggle for hunger triggered children to become laborers and haunted their bright futures. This project aims to ensure that people (especially kids) from the most vulnerable communities can access fresh, healthy, nutritious, and balanced food at least twice daily at no cost.  

We launched the Phase one project in the Palmerston estates (Palmerston division, Ratnagiri division) and Ramboda estate ( RB division) in Sri Lanka. This project has served over 24,727 (11,865 Porridge and 12,862 dinners) up to September 2022.  

The phase two project will launch ten more locations before the end of Nov 2022. 

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