Mothers for Mother Nature

Mothers for Mother Nature

Nanban Foundation & Nammalvar Vanagam Collaboration

Nanban foundation started on this monumental journey to enable farmers in India lead a dignified life, make organic food affordable to all people and enable all humans on this earth lead a healthy,financially free, stress free life

Organic Farming is a system of farm design and management to create an eco system, which can achieve sustainable productivity without the use of artificial external inputs such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic farming is agriculture that makes healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy food, and healthy environment along with crop productivity.

G. Nammalvar was an Indian organic farming scientist. Hailing from the agro-based Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, he was involved in preaching the farmers to get an edge in organic farming. Nammalvar travelled widely across the world, observed the agricultural practices in various ecological systems and based on his findings, trained several farmers and NGO workers. He has written several books and articles in the Tamil language. He founded Vanagam Nammalvar Ecological Foundation

Vanagam is a non-profit organization, collectively formed by people from different strata of society, which empowers people to enrich their lives and the environment by making certain lifestyle choices
based on ecological principles.

Vanagam offers hands-on training courses based on extensive study and research done over a period of several years, to propagate these ecological principles. These courses not only enable individuals to lead promising lives, but they also ensure a better life for posterity.