Nammalvar Multiversity

Nammalvar Multiversity

We have partnered with Vanagam to establish “Multiversity” across Tamil Nadu and India. These institutions will focus on providing skill-based training and organic farming education in a holistic way. Institutions sharing a common vision and ideal that learning content and medium needs to be diverse. Groups that are very local and can come together to share their learning experience with each other or with their regional / local other institutions and groups. Individuals who want to learn, share or just be part of learning experiences, its initiatives and institutions

Multiversity will bring 3 broad streams of knowledge into learning
experiences for all age groups, these are –

1.Practitioner Teacher – practitioners of crafts, skills, knowledge who are otherwise not recognized in the mainstream educational system as having been ‘qualified’ as teachers

2.Diverse ways and things to learn – learning all kinds of diverse knowledge in several ways of learning, not merely through a system of ‘classroom learning’ is another important aspect

3.Localized Need based Learning – acknowledgement of the localized need of knowledge that is very local and regional in its core and something that cannot be taught by outsiders